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SYSPRO solutions is a new component architecture that gives authorized individuals the ability to interact with SYSPRO data over the Web as well as from remote devices, including palm pilots and cell phones.

SYSPRO solutions delivers SYSPRO software functionality as discrete 'objects' of code, each object being a Microsoft COM model. Users can then access these objects using popular scripting languages, such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Active Server Pages (ASP). External applications interact and communicate via the COM interface. Through this technology, the SYSPRO system is liberated, creating an open framework and accessibility while retaining the integrity of the SYSPRO business logic.

Document Flow Manager

The Document Flow Manager allows SYSPRO customers to exchange documents (e.g., sales and purchase orders) more easily than ever before - and it forms a key part of facilitating collaborative commerce. The Document Flow Manager automates the flow of documents as they electronically arrive at a company.

The Document Flow Manager provides a powerful way of automating business processes. Incoming documents (defined using XML data) can be tracked and posted directly into the ERP system. Documents can be transformed from one format to another using either the Document Flow Manager itself, or more sophisticated products such as BizTalk.

Web-based Applications

While developers can make use of the component architecture to deliver customized solutions for their customers, the Web-based applications are designed to work out-of-the-box. These are constructed using ASP.NET - a unified web development platform designed to build enterprise-class web applications.

The Web-based Applications use SYSPRO solutions business objects to access and retrieve data directly from SYSPRO's database. The user interface for the web applications can be customized to suit end-user requirements by modifying the underlying ASP.NET code.

Alternatively, an easy way to control the look and appearance of the user interface is achieved by simply adjusting the appropriate Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) associated with the user login. In addition, the Web-based Applications are designed to be multi-lingual so that user interface elements and error messages can be translated to various languages depending on the language code associated with the user login.

Web services

The full functionality of the business objects are made available via web services, which are installed when you install the web-based applications.

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