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SYSPRO Provides Insight into ERP, Cloud Computing And Mobility

Published on Thursday, 01 August 2013

Johannesburg - July 31, 2013 - SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, provides insight into how ERP vendors are incorporating cloud-based thinking into their existing product lines, and adjusting their pricing policies to be more in tune with the new computing reality.

SYSPRO's Product and Industry Marketing Consultant, Simon Griffiths participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by Brainstorm, a business technology publication aimed at business executives in South Africa. The article derived from the discussion published in the latest August Brainstorm presents commentary and insights about ERP and its suitability for cloud computing.

In the article Griffiths maintains: "Businesses operating in Africa have been slow to embrace cloud technology, however SYSPRO has seen a number of multinational customers starting to look more seriously at the cloud." When questioned about extending ERP software to the public cloud, Griffiths stated: "SYSPRO has tackled this challenge by considering it a two-part equation: server and client. On the server side the company has restricted itself to a 'private cloud-type platform.' The client side is more complicated, and must be easy to use and deploy – supporting the whole gamut of mobile devices."

When asked about a standard ERP model, Griffiths said: "I have never seen a company with only one system or application. There are always multiple packages, especially in a manufacturing and distribution environment, and there's always been an issue of integration." Griffiths continued: "One of the problems in the cloud, is to integrate the cloud-based software with 'on premise' software. So this thing about everyone being able to go all in on cloud is not just the issue of cost, it's other things as well."

When the query arose around the uptake of mobile ERP offerings, Griffiths commented: "The younger generation is going to have a much different opinion and much different perspective on things and what they're required to do."

About Brainstorm
Brainstorm is a business technology publication aimed at business executives. The Brainstorm magazine is distributed widely amongst retailers in South Africa.

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